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We'll text you a link when you sign up for LocalCard. From there just link your primary credit/debit card so we know when to send you cash back when you complete deals!

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No need to constantly check - we’ll send opportunities for rewards straight to your text messages every week.

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Whenever you eat at one of the featured restaurants with your linked card, we will send you cashback via Venmo!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a text message from Venmo within 3-5 days of completing a deal. To claim your cash, just create a Venmo account or login to your existing account.

To become eligible, enter your phone number and follow the instructions from the link sent to your phone number. You'll then create an account and link your primary credit/debit card account. When you spend with the linked card, we will send you your cash back!

Currently, LocalCard is only available in San Francisco and San Mateo. But be on the lookout for when we expand to new cities!

You will get at least one deal per week and possibly more. To leave us feedback about deals you're getting, just contact

Can’t find what you’re looking for? You can contact us and we’ll try to answer you as soon as we can.