Supporting local business has never been so rewarding

Sign up today and get 3% back on every purchase you make in San Mateo.*

* Joining the waitlist to get early access does not guarantee that you will receive a LocalCard or anything of tangible value. LocalCard and LocalCard products are subject to availability, approval, and applicable terms and conditions

3% back on all local purchases

We believe local businesses preserve San Mateo's unique culture and improve the local economy.

When you spend dollar at a local store, 30x more of that dollar stays in the local economy than when you shop online.

That's why LocalCard gives you 3% back on any purchase you make at a physical store within San Mateo.

You also get 1.5% back on all other purchases.

You can use your LocalCard rewards for cash back, or get credit to spend at local merchants.

team work
team work

VIP Deals

In addition to everyday rewards, LocalCard holders get exclusive discounts from local merchants.

Whether it’s to reward you for being a loyal customer, or to get you to try somewhere new, merchants love giving locals offers through LocalCard.

These deals are exclusive to LocalCard holders. When you support the local community, the local community supports you back.

No Annual Fee

We know the last thing you want to spend your money on is on a credit card fee...

With LocalCard, you won't have to. Unlike many other cards, LocalCard is free the first year and every year after that.

That means more money in your wallet to spend at local restaurants and coffeeshops.

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Q: When is LocalCard coming out?

A: Our team is working hard to launch LocalCard in early 2019. To be the first person to get the card, make sure you sign up!

Q: What's the definition of a local purchase? What will I get 3% back on?

A: Any physical purchase you make with San Mateo city lines is defined as a local purchase and you'll earn 3% back.

Q: Can I partner with LocalCard to give discounts?

A: Yes! Our goal is to help San Mateo residents and businesses. If you think we can work together, reach out to us!

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